Gates Of Hell CD

by HEX

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Greg Lathrop
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Greg Lathrop This is such a classic album. Enough said. I finally own it on CD.
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Original 1999 release featuring 26 tracks with 4 page booklet (CD is shrink wrapped in plastic). CD versions contains a different tracklisting than digital version.

01. Sintro
02. Devil Mask Remix
03. Xibalba
04. The Badland
05. Gates Of Hell
06. Fried Brainz
07. Pessimist
08. Pitchforks
09. Tunnel Of Lyrics
10. XXX
11. Red Devil Dust
12. Naseous Thoughts
13. STD'z
14. Hypo Thermo Nuclear
15. Superstition
16. Erb 2 Ash
17. SOS
18. Condensation
19. Roadkill
20. Hornz Vs. Halos
21. Hex Hollow
22. TMI
23. Kevorkian
24. Death
25. Formaldahyde
26. Hell

* The Gates Of Hell CD was released in 1999. Gates Of Hell is not only the 1st CD released on 1134 Productions but also the 1st full length album, making this a must have for collectors. There are limited original Gates Of Hell CD's left and once they're sold out no more will be reprinted. Don't miss your chance to own this piece of 1134 history!


released June 30, 1999




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L.U. Cipha
Spaced Out
Train Wreck

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